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Brittany Wells Baugher  - Freelance Writer and Editor
About Me
Brittany Wells Baugher is an independent published freelance writer and editor. As a freelancer, she has been writing and editing for several years and enjoyed working with various print and online magazines in the process. COUTURE Dallas (former Managing Editor, Dallas, TX), La Mode Dallas, a fashion and events magazine also founded in Dallas, TX, and SHARP Objex, an online magazine focusing on experimental films, music and fashion just to name a few categories. Brittany graduated in 2005 from Pensacola Christian College (Pensacola, FL) with a B.A. in English. Currently, she lives in Jacksonville, FL with her amazingly crafty yet hunky husband, Dave and their three kids (Eva. Gabe and Sera) whom they love dearly and would move mountains for, but are also causing their parents to question their sanity. Apart from being a church pianist and writer, Britt currently enjoys home schooling their oldest child using the Classical Conversations method. She says they have plans to home school all three. 
Lord help them.


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